College Chaos

In the world of sports, there is something special about college athletics.  Maybe, it is the fact that unlike the vast majority of sports leagues, college sports includes an amazing variety of sports, such as football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, baseball, golf, softball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, lacrosse and so forth.

The thrill of victory!  The agony of defeat!

Like other sports fans, a college sports fan will watch their favorite team experience the thrill of victory and suffer through the agony of defeat.  When it comes to college sports, expect the unexpected.  There will be surprises, shockers and upsets.

To be the best… a team must beat the best!

No matter the sport, the goal of each and every college team is to win a championship and fans help cheer their favorite team on, also hoping the current season will be a championship season.  To be a champion, a team must be the best, and to be the best a team must beat the best. In most sports, only one team can win it all.

Skill… Talent… Dedication… Practice… Heart… Desire…

While skill and talent may carry a sports team far, dedication and practice will carry the team further.  However, in the end, it is heart and desire that makes a team achieve their goals and accomplish their mission.  Heart and desire creates a champion.

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